Film For Her:

Hannah Nguyen

Meet the Photographer:

Hannah Nguyen is a film photographer based in Orange County, California.

How did you get started shooting film? 

I started shooting film earlier this year because I wanted to try a new hobby since I had nothing to do during the pandemic. I tried to take on other hobbies like raising plants and cooking, but nothing worked out as well as shooting film did. Growing up, I remember my dad documenting every little family occasion with his digital/film cameras, and it's only when I look back at those pictures that I can remember all sorts of moments. So, that explains my pull towards photography and why I find myself also shooting a lot of family scenes and landscapes.

Tell us about your favorites!

  • Analog camera: "Contax T2 because it packs in so much detail for such a small camera. It also uses 35mm film, so I can get more exposures than I would with my other medium format cameras."
  • Film stock: "Kodak Gold 200 since it's affordable, produces smooth grain and high contrast, and works well in sunny conditions!"
  • Place to shoot: "Anywhere in California!"

What has your experience been in the film community?

My experience with the film community has been nothing but great! Social media is, by its very nature, social. By engaging with other creatives, I've been able to gain more film knowledge, meet and shoot with talented photographers whom I now call my friends, partake in fun interviews, curate film features pages, etc.When shopping for cameras, I mostly go on eBay, check out the product's description and the seller's ratings. If I like what I see, I'll ask the seller further questions or raise any concerns I have to ensure the product I'm getting checks off all of my boxes. In my opinion, you're spending money, so take the time to make sure you're spending it right. However, I find that the communication through eBay isn't always smooth nor personable, but I believe that's where businesses like Cute Camera Co. shine, providing quality customer service, transparency, and friendship!

What's the best piece of advice you have been given as a photographer?

Don't forget why you started photography in the first place!

What advice would you give to a beginner film photographer?

Have fun and fall in love with the process! You're already spending a fortune on film, so why not just enjoy yourself and shoot whatever makes you feel a type of way? As long as you love what you're doing, everything else will come with time.

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