How we grade our vintage cameras

There is no secret that vintage film cameras are mechanical sleeping beauties that may or may not have been laying dormant in some closet, undisturbed, for the better part of the last two decades. They are machines from a different era and often require some TLC to get them performing back to their original specifications.

Our skilled team of professional inspectors test, clean, and fix every single camera we sell--so you know they have been in good hands.


Our cameras go through a meticulous inspection process where they are tested and cleaned. Everything we sell is in 100% working condition so you can hear the click of your shutter right out of the box.

We break the appearance of our cameras into three conditions: very good, good, and average.


A "very good" body will have minimal signs of wear and tear. Examples include slight impurities like worn leather or metal, signs of age on the bottom plate, and dull marks.


A “good” body will also look nice but have some additional potential cosmetic wear such as spots with discoloration, worn down metal or small scratches somewhere on the body.


An “average” body will be a more severe case of cosmetic wear like more extreme discoloration or worn down metal, exterior or interior black specs, deeper scratches, or lines in the eye prism.

Vintage cameras are anywhere from 20-60 years old, so please note that while we base our system on cosmetic appearance, we can never promise that our camera will look perfect -- because they shouldn't! They have been used and loved for decades before you bought them and hopefully, decades to come. None of these cosmetic blemishes will impact your film or the mechanics of your camera!