Santa Gold ☀️

A 35mm film made in Austin, TX.
Santa Gold brings the warmth out
in your images for that summer time nostalgia.

Shot on Santa Gold

It's always summer

When capturing memories with Santa Gold

Instant West Coast Vibes

We wanted to create a film that would always make you feel like you were sitting on a beach in California, visiting a café in Mexico, or zooming on a Vespa near the Mediterranean.

ISO 200 - 36 Exposures

Santa Gold will make your memories feel like a warm towel fresh out of the dryer. Made for shooting in the daylight. You are going to love the warmth it brings your shots.


Made in Austin, TX. Santa Gold is an amazing new 35mm film that is perfect for capturing your soulmate’s smile, your puppy dog’s eyes, or the sunset of your last day on vacation.

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Made with love in Austin, TX.
We handmake every roll of Santa Gold so you can capture those dreamy summer memories, no matter what season it is.

22 reviews

Santa Gold - 35mm Color Film

Size:Single Roll

Cute Camera Co. Santa Gold 200

ISO 200, 36 Exposure 35mm Film

It's always summer when you are shooting with Santa Gold. Made with love in Austin, TX, our photo lab has created a film that is daylight balanced with warm colors, perfect for capturing your soulmate’s smile, your puppy dog’s eyes, or the sunset of your last day on vacation.

Similar to Kodak's Portra 400 when it comes to color rendition, this film is perfect for the beach, a sun filled hike, or your next afternoon poolside. Whatever memory you decide to capture, Santa Gold will make them feel like a warm towel, fresh out of the dryer.

  • 1, 3 and 5 Rolls
  • 35mm Format
  • ISO 200
  • Fine Grain, High Sharpness & Edge Detail
  • Vivid Color Saturation
  • Made (with love) in Austin, TX
  • No Plastic, eco friendly packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Love Santa Gold

Santa Gold is perfect for the bright sunshine days we have in Sarasota, Florida. Colors really pop and have a nice warm vintage look. I shot this photo with the Olympus OM-1 that I also purchased (and love) from Cute Camera.

was excited but disappointed after developing

I was really excited for summer vibes with this film but it ended up not looking great at all. :(

Miranda Powell
top notch film

great color, so glad you are making film and with super fun branding! Keep up the no-plastic packaging.

Douglas Thompson

So far so good. Love how the film looks. Glad you’re doing what you do!

Buckley Robinson
Is this Kodak Aerial?

Which stock is this?