Canon Sure Shot 85 | 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera


Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom 35mm Film Point and Shoot Vintage Camera

Do you want to capture timeless images with the ‘retro’ quality that no filter will ever be able to replicate?

Do you want to shoot film without the hassle of changing the shutter speed and aperture? Then a point and shoot might be the perfect camera for you!

The beauty of Canon's Sure Shot 85 Zoom Platinum camera goes way beyond its sleek style and ultra-compact convenience. You can fit it in your pocket, purse, and most overalls (you’ll have to take our word for it). ☺

There's something about holding a point and shoot that just "feels right" -- it will become a staple on your shelf in no time! It has all the quirks and pros of a disposable camera with the sharpness of a 35mm SLR camera. It doesn't get more user-friendly than that!

For beginners and advanced shooters alike -- here is a camera that introduces you to a new world of creativity and allows you to shoot 35mm film with ease.

By the way, protect your camera for 1-2 years with our protection plan. We cover all boo boos at no cost to you.

When it comes to the Canon Sure Shot 85, 35mm film camera, you can’t go wrong. It’s easy to learn the fundamentals of shooting film with this camera. All you have to do is put it on a strap and walk out the door! (PS we sell straps too!)

At a glance:

• Professionally restored, tested, and cleaned

• 38-85mm 2.2x zoom lens with autofocus

• Multi-mode flash features red-eye reduction

• Automatic film loading, advance, and rewind

• Uses 35mm film (check out our film selection)

Professionally restored, tested, and cleaned.

How We Grade Our Cameras

We restore, test, and clean all of our cameras to ensure that despite its age, your Cute Camera works as well as it would have if purchased it in 1976. This means that you’ll be able to capture your soulmate’s smile, your puppy dog’s eyes, or the sunset of your last day at college – straight out of the box. 


A "very good" body will have minimal signs of wear and tear. Examples include slight impurities like  worn leather or metal, signs of age on the bottom plate, and dull marks. 


A “good” body will also look nice but have some additional potential cosmetic wear such as spots with discoloration,  worn down metal or small scratches somewhere on the body.


An “average” body will be a more severe case of cosmetic wear like more extreme discoloration or worn down metal, exterior or interior black
specs, deeper scratches, or lines in the eye prism.


We want you to love everything about your new camera. From its vintage design to its perfect imperfections. But if you don't, we make returns as easy as possible.

If you are not feeling your Cute Camera, just send it back within 30 days and we will take care of the rest.

Ready for Adventure

All of our Cute Cameras come ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. We include the lens and battery so you can start making nostalgic memories. Just add the film of your choosing and you are good to go.

Don't for get to pick up some film before you checkout! :)

Protect Your Camera

Protect your new travel buddy, pocket historian, or sunset catcher with one simple plan that covers you no matter what.

If it breaks, we will fix it.


Not in love with your Cute Camera?

We make returns easy.

Just send it back to us and we will take care of the rest!


We are here for you! Have a question about your camera? Photography in general? what you should name your new cat? We would love to chat!

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Christina Morissette
Amazing quality! I ordered "good" conditio...

Amazing quality! I ordered "good" condition and it arrived looking almost brand new! Adorable packaging and quick shipping!

lisa Iancu
Will be purchasing again!

I loved my order, cute packaging and accurate product descriptions. I love my camera and my film.

Ashia P
5 stars review from Ashia

5 stars review from Ashia

Connor Jones
Very pleased!!

The camera was very very good quality and packed very nicely

Celestial P
5 stars review from Celestial

5 stars review from Celestial

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