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Olympus OM-2 | 35mm Film Camera

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An “average” body will be a more severe case of cosmetic wear like more extreme discoloration or worn down metal, exterior or interior black
specs, deeper scratches, or lines in the eye prism.

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Olympus OM-2 35mm Film Camera with 50mm F1.8 Lens

Just when you thought the Olympus OM-1 couldn’t get any better, they went and made the Olympus OM-2. The Olympus OM-2 35mm film camera has all the amazingness as the OM-1, but with even better features and improved functionality. 

Olympus proves with the OM-2 film camera that you really can have it all. 

The Olympus OM-2 came out in 1975 and has been considered “one of the best vintage cameras of all time,” even compared to the iconic Canon AE-1 and Pentax K1000.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

The OM-2 both simplified the 35mm camera body design and gives more creative control over shooting. You can tell that the makers of this camera thought about every detail and made sure it had purpose in being there. Their motto seemed to be “less is more” and in today’s world, that can be a refreshing concept. 

This compact and capable camera can do just about anything you ask it to, which makes it an ideal film camera for professional photographers who really know what they are doing. Beginner photogs don’t worry, you’ll be ready for this classic and beautiful upgrade soon enough. 

By the way, protect your camera for 1-2 years with our protection plan. We cover all boo boos at no cost to you.

When it comes to the Olympus OM-2 35mm film camera, you can’t go wrong. It’s easy to learn the fundamentals of shooting film with this camera. All you have to do is put it on a strap and walk out the door! (PS we sell straps too!)

Features + Benefits:

  • Timeless vintage body that looks and feels like you know what you’re doing
  • Sophisticated and classic design
  • Automatic exposure and manual focus (so you don’t have to worry about shutter speed, only the aperature) 
  • Great camera for anybody, particularly great for experienced photographers
  • Even more versatile than OM-1 
  • Low battery light indicator


  • Olympus OM-1 body
  • 50mm F1.8 Lens
  • 2 LR44 batteries
  • 35mm film (check out our film selection)
  • Fits all OM-1 accessories and lenses without modification

  • Professionally restored, tested, and cleaned. 

    Functions 100%, including the light meter.

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